Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Kashief Lindo recalls glory days

OLD enough to remember when fans went to dances solely for fun, Kashief Lindo recalls those glory days on Ram it Ram , his latest song. Produced by his father Willie Lindo for Heavy Beat Records, it was released in August. The younger Li
ndo goes straight rub-a-dub on Ram it Ram which is driven by the beat of Darker Shade of Black, a classic Jackie Mittoo/Studio One instrumental. Naturally, the South Florida-reared singer wants it to do well but he has his eye on a particular market. “I want to see it go big 'cause feel-good songs are always a great thing, but I would love to have a hit in Jamaica, my hometown. The more, the merrier,” Lindo said in an interview with the Jamaica Observer. Born in Kingston, his career started in the late 1990s. He had success in Jamaica and on Diaspora charts with songs like No Can Do, The First Cut, and What Kind of World. In recent years Lindo has spent considerable time assisting his father as a producer/engineer on numerous Heavy Beat projects. He returned to vocals full-time last year with a series of well-needed social commentary songs such as Till Dem bun Down The House and I Can't See Your Face. The party vibe of Ram it Ram is a big departure from those tracks, andt may set the tone for similar Kashief Lindo songs going into 2022. “It's good to show people your versatility as an artiste but yeah, I think in these times of stress they want to forget about their problems,” he said.

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