Monday, April 25, 2022

Rita Marley’s prominence and legacy lie not only in the fact that she is the matriarch of a successful, influential family of creatives, guiding them along in their numerous endeavours and instilling in them the belief that they can achieve any and everything, but also that she has managed to give of herself to communities globally. Be it in terms of her words and music, or her philanthropy, she connects to the people and according to Skip Marley, one of her grandsons, that selflessness is a real example of how she gives. Recalling a trip to Ethiopia in 2005 with his grandmother, he told The Sunday Gleaner, “To see her go through the orphanages and in her travels everywhere, how she gives to the community was selfless. Her selflessness is the biggest thing for me.” Women, mothers who demonstrate the attitudes of his grandmother, Skip Marley continued, “should be highlighted all the time, not only on a certain day because their work speaks for itself. Her philanthropy, her determination, work ethic, entrepreneurship, and meaning of community, that’s where I’ve seen the real meaning of love and heart”. Cedella Marley described her mother as a trailblazer and rightfully so. As one of the earliest female pioneers of reggae music, Rita Marley helped to develop the sound as a musical form and contributed to its popularity in Europe, Africa and around the world in the 1960s, touring with Bob Marley and the I-Three and eventually as a solo act. Five years after her husband’s passing, she converted his home into the Bob Marley Museum, which is in the top five tourist destinations in Kingston.

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