Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Singer Sophia Brown is all smiles as her album, titled Bad For Me, continues to do well. The album recently topped the Jamaica Music Count Down Top 10 Album/CD Chart. "I'm so happy that my album made it all the way to number one on the Jamaica Count Down Charts. This is my first number one album, and I am thrilled that I achieved such an important career milestone. This is a good look for my career," she said "The success that I am reaping now is a manifestation of all the hard work that I have done over the years to build my career. However, I am not going to get comfortable because of my achievements. Comfort often leads to complacency, and I cannot afford to be complacent. As far as I'm concerned, the journey has just begun," she continued."Im always working on new music,whether I am at home or in the studio working with my production team. She also said her management team is currently in dialogue with several overseas promoters. Sophia Brown is currently working on several project,including a new album "My team is currently negotiating with promoters who are interested in booking me for shows in the States, Europe and some other territories. The stage is my playground and now that things are back to normal, and the world has reopened I am looking forward to performing for my fans both locally and overseas again," she added.

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