Sunday, May 15, 2022

Monday, April 25, 2022

Twenty-six years after its release, Ghetto People Song by Everton Blender still gets the faithful pumped up at his shows and in dances. But the veteran roots singer says he has never earned from the song which has been sampled by high-riding Moroccan hip hop artiste French Montana. Higher by French Montana and American producer Harry Fraud was released on June 27. It features Blender’s distinctive wail throughout the track which is lead single from Montega, the duo’s joint album which came out last week. Ghetto People Song is one of several singles on the Lalibela rhythm, released in 1996. It is produced by Tony Rebel for Flames Productions. Blender told the Jamaica Observer that he first heard Higher four days ago and was impressed. “Mi feel real good ‘cause wi neva did a get di right recognition, but now it gone to a different level. One thing dem shoulda sey is ‘featuring Everton Blender’, but otherwise mi feel good,” he said. Blender added that, although he is upset at never benefiting financially from Ghetto People Song, there is no animosity. He is confident Higher will change that.